Monday, November 21

This is Big News: The Age of Innocence

Still fitting in with my current 'volume' theme, this editorial goes beyond.
There's baggy jeans, saggy jackets, and even shaggy bangs. Add androgyny, dresses over pants, and pj tops.  Everything that may have been thought to have died off in the 90s was given new life in these pages from 2002.  And that new life still looks current ten years later.     
It may be my favorite Nylon story of all time.
Of ALL time.

Nylon, are you looking through your archives? This is what made you a great magazine.

Issue: Nylon September 2002
Story: Age of Innocence
Photographed by Nick Haymes
Stylist: Gabriel Feliciano
Makeup: Meli Pennington
Hair: Leon Gorman


  1. Aaaaaaah !!!! I'd kept two of these pictures in my scrapbook, and seeing the rest of the shoot here after all those years has made me so EXCITED and so HAPPY !!! Thank you !!!!!!!