Sunday, December 18

Androgyny Fine Tuned

It is the most perfect androgynous styling of the year.  Maybe ever??
Fans of my #androgyny series from last year, will be the best ones to decide....

Issue: So-En December 2011
Story: Genderless
Photographed by Masahiro Sanbe
Stylist: Yuriko E
Makeup: Masayo Tsuda
Hair: Kazuya Matsumoto


  1. For me, nothing will ever beat these --

    but this comes pretty close, especially that first shot. ♥

  2. oh boy, those are classics!! i think for us and others those two editorials are burned into our brains. and, for me, made me feel confident to wear menswear daily.
    the story from so-en really reflects my vision of androgyny today. a little less glam, and still stunning. this is how i feel like dressing in 2011 and into the new year.

  3. oh no, i think these are really great! just fantastic.

    i love that evangelista spread where she has a sharp little shrunken bob and is wearing a white suit, white tank top, etc. i don't know if that counts as androgynous. i guess it does. to me it's just beauty.