Sunday, March 4


"I no longer worry about trying to program myself to respond to a demand.
And the most surprising thing, is that people appreciate this coherence.
I think we are entering into a period where the public is tired of changing sides every six months.
A perfectly proportioned piece, with the right fabric, the right cut, and the least amount of trend in it, does not require a new version for each season, but simply to reinvent the puzzle which surrounds it, in order to make it more exciting.
It is a question of good sense."
Christophe Lemaire, encens no. 25

Well, this is me, ReadySetFashion.  
I have been blogging for four years, and I haven't yet posted photos concentrating on my personal outfits.
I wasn't sure I was ever gong to, until I found the above quote from Lemaire while revisiting past encens issues.  His words reflect my opinion of fashion perfectly.
I wasted no time in adopting Lemaire's quote as a mission statement of sorts.
I do not need a new wardrobe for every photo.  Just an eye for fashion and a closet full of clothes, which, of course, translate into pieces of the style puzzle.
I suddenly feel at ease sharing these pieces with you.

coat:undercover, kicks:adidas, knit cap:ralph lauren, no-name:jeans & scarf

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  1. LOVE the yellow kicks. Seriously. Can't wait to see more from your collection.