Friday, April 20

The Liz Tilberis Series: February 1999

She's more of a material girl than a minimal girl.  
But when it is 1999 and Harper's Bazaar puts you on the cover, you morph into the minimal queen you never knew you were.  There is no process, no training.  Patrick Demarchelier doesn't even have to force you to the other side.  
Minimalism embraces Madonna, and she finds herself on the cover of one of the most stunning issues of Harper's Bazaar.  

If minimal can be lush, this is the cover that sets the bar.
The blackness invites you deep inside.

The graphics nor Madonna in no way suggest minimal, but keeping to three basic colors suggests the essential theme.   

Bohemian is stripped down to the bare minimum.  
Feathers and sequins rarely looks so subtle in today's editorials.

Even the King of sharp lines and crisp shapes, Mr Calvin Klein, makes an appearance.

A Hanes tee.  You know that is all you wear in the summer.
HB knows it too, and Tonne Goodman isn't ashamed to give the white tank the shine it deserves.
Neutral make-up, no jewlery, and forget the bra too.
This is how to wear a white tank, always.

Body art that seems too simple compared to todays standards.

This page with this font.  

Playful and still simple.  Miu Miu at the bear minimum.

And then there is the following visual masterpiece.  Erin O'Conner styled by Melanie Ward in the sleekest denim pieces from the season's mascots of minimalism, Margiela, Lang, and The Gap.
A lot of readers ask how I remember past issues of mags.  Work like this, makes it easy.
How do you forget these images? 

This is the shot that blows my mind.  Four standard basics boring as separates but spellbinding paired together.  I crave to wear this.  I crave to look so cool.

If there's a pop icon on the cover, its fitting to close the issue with an indie goddess wearing fashion's new 'it' designer.  Melissa Auf der Maur dressed in the first collection from Olivier Theyskens.
Gothic shape.  Clean Lines. 

By the time 1999 showed up, minimalism may have been a trend on the way out according to other magazines.  Liz seemed to be fine tuning her appreciation for minimalism.  If others were going to dismiss  simplicity, Liz would vow to keep it alive.
In doing so, she created a subtle masterpiece.


  1. this post is amazing....i have this issue on my desk as my current magazine inspiration. love the way you interpret each section and its importance...will always love this madonna and demarchelier collaboration. also, i will never forget this melissa auf de mar and theyskens editorial....after this layout, i was obsessed with his designs. brava to you on such an eloquent and visually stunning blog !

  2. sisters, thank you for reading. you inspire me to always put 200% into my posts!