Wednesday, April 11

The Liz Tilberis Series: Runway Report

When Liz was at the helm of Harper's Bazaar, it was the January and July issue I looked forward to the most.  These were the runway report issues.  
Before and these were the issues I depended on for the next season's trends. 
For those of us who didn't have access to WWD (the print version), we waited months to see the looks of the runway.  Bazaar made the wait worth it.  So, so worth it.
As soon as I got my hands on a copy, I would flip though the pages so fast all the images were a blur.  But then I would spend the rest of the day going over each photo, memorizing every designer, obsessing over which models walked what shows.  The September and March issues never even came close to stirring my emotions like the January and July months.
The pages were beautiful.  The colors were intoxicating.  The arrangements were supreme.
These were my bibles.

January 1994, Spring Preview: Time to Get Real
Minimal but sexy.  The year I fell in love with Jil Sander.

January 1996, Spring Challenge
Color and prints take over Spring.
Who can forget this season of Gucci?  Trish Goff, anyone?

July 1996, Runway: First Look
Polar opposite of Spring in a major way.  Sleek, stark and gorgeous.

July 1997, Fall '97: The First Hit
Possibly the most influential season on my own personal style.
Androgynous, rich, and chic.
Looking back made me realize how much I miss Helmut.

Elle Collections Autumn Winter 2011
The moment I accepted my void of Liz Tilberis runway reports was filled by another magazine was with Elle Collections.  It brings me back to the years of Liz, and then throws me into hyper-drive.
I almost do not need the internet when I look at you.
I think Liz would have approved.
Bravo, Elle Collections, and thank you.


  1. this makes me so happy...I too looked forward to the january and july runway reports. I always loved the collage aspect of it, as well. I miss the liz tilberis days...good times! :)

  2. that gucci collection! I bought shiny teal eye pencil.