Wednesday, July 11


It is my most cherished fashion image.
A rare page of a magazine I carefully cut out to tack, tape, pin, glue to any surface, which was serving as my inspiration board at the time.
I live and breathe this photo.
I just love the movement.  The swing of Guinevere's pant legs caught in mid-step.
I love the air of her shoulders.  She needs to be somewhere but she is in no rush.
I love its candid vibe.

Guinevere Van Seenus for Jil Sander (ad campaign, 96 or 97) 

It is casual and aloof at the same time it is confident and strong.
The perfect study of androgyny and minimalism. 
For me this is my blueprint of style.
This is my candid vibe.

candid shot taken by that_guy
Tee, 3.1 phillip lim, pant, mango, sneaker, converse.

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  1. I looked at the first image and thought, well the only thing missing are a pair of converse and then this would be a timeless picture. and then <> there you are right below in the infuriatingly-as-cheap-and-uncomfortable-for-my-feet-as-they-are-designwise-utterly-utterly-perfect shoes. And I love your pants too.
    Beautiful choice for the inspiration picture.