Monday, July 2

The Liz Tilberis Series: February 1994

Possibly the most influential pages of a magazine on my personal style.
It is the editorial which taught me 'sportswear' does not mean 'sports' and short hair does not mean 'boy'.  
It is simple. It is sleek.  This is Summer Styling 101.
I often imagine asking Liz Tilberis (if I ever had the chance) if she saw some of herself in the editorials she approved for Harper's Bazaar.  I would let her know I saw a whole lot of myself in this one.
To a T.

Issue: Harper's Bazaar February 1994
Story: Silver Streak
Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier
No stylist credit
Makeup: Gary Berkowitz
Hair: Eric Gabriel

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  1. thanks for the flashback one of my favorite all time sporty chic! liz tilberis would be proud of this post...R.I.P :)