Monday, September 24

2012 Emmys

The nanosecond Julianna Margulies stepped onto the red carpet at the 2012 Emmys, my respect for award show pre-shows was resurrected.
A silly game of waiting for anyone to show up with THE right dress while listening to knuckleheads critique the job of stylists, the red carpet pre-shows are frivolous addictions.
Until Miss Margulies shows up in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.
Because I didn't think anything of the dress when it was shown on the runway back in July of this year.
It wasn't until the dress walked down the red carpet did I see the dress for what it really represented.
Style and confidence.  New and old.  Glamor and grace.

Margulies captured the perfect blend of Old Hollywood magic and New Hollywood luxury.  
As she stood front and center of millions of televisions screens, I thought back to Dior's 1953 May dress.  The blend of the colors and shape of the Valli dress, plus Margulies's charm was just the modern day version.  Even more so than Julianne Moore who wore Dior, I imagined Margulies exactly as the photo below, preparing for her night at the 2012 Emmy's.
For a moment I was transported to another time.  A time we all dream of and try our hardest to recreate or expect others to recreate for us.  
And that is not a game, but the magic of the red carpet.

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