Wednesday, November 21

Winter 1996 Vs. Winter 2012

 Harper's Bazaar July 1996

Is anyone particularly reminiscent this winter season?
Is anyone else pulling pants and shoes out of storage because you can wear your wardrobe from 1996 again??  I know I started to pull out magazines from the late 90s as soon as I saw the stacked heels and stovepipe pants on the Prada FW 2012 Runway.
Although the 90s were obviously more minimal compared to the print and color-happy winter season of 2012, the theme is clear:
   Strong pants look incredible with strong shoes and all strong women wear the twosome.

One of my favorite editorials, found in Harper's Bazaar August 1996, showcases the pant suit with a slight military vibe.  Fit, shape and silhouette are showcased in front of a neutral and subdued setting.  The perfect photos to highlight the mood which influenced today's runway looks. 

And if its long lines you are looking for, do not forget to lengthen with a stacked heel.
Harper's Bazaar August 1996

The Miu MIu and Prada heels were great in the past, but I feel Dries nailed the 
90s attitude cleanly into a modern version.

Pant foreshadowing??  Or inspiration??
 Harper's Bazaar March 1996

J.Crew slimed the shape and toned down the pattern but made the pant a key subject in its marketing for FW 2012.  Wait for these babies to go on sale, and pick up more than one pair.  

I focused on 1996 and Harper's Bazaar, since I am still paying homage to Liz Tilberis.  She must have loved the trend because I found examples galore in Bazaar.  
With the pant/shoe combo getting the much deserved love this season, most likely this time around the trend may stick a few more seasons.

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