Wednesday, January 9

I Remember Where I Was

This photo was posted at 1:32 pm 1/07/13 by @janekeltnerdev.
I remember exactly where I was at that moment.

I was at work on lunch and had just caught up with my Instagram feed.
As soon as the photo loaded, I noticed the shoes.  I have spectator radar and these are on platforms.
And there are gold ones and loafers and oxfords, all on platforms!
Disoriented, I look up to the hats.  Are those straw hats?
And the shoulders, where are the shoulders?  The shapes are sublime.
Hey, that peplum looks very Céline-esque.  Oh, that buckle.  It is Céline.
I honestly felt I had shared a collective 'ew-ahh' moment with the entire fashion community.
I won't say fashion history has been made, because this is a pre-collection.  Phoebe will tweak the pleats, over sized silhouettes, and cinched waists to create a main collection which will most likely change the way we all dress.
If she has not already. 

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  1. The big belt buckle strikes me as Galliano when he did the Marie Antoinette look both @ couture and RTW level, and the hour glass/fit and flare cut to the coats/jackets and the pleated skirts look like a variation of Dior's New Look, which consisted of a straw hat as well. Anyway just my two cents.

    The outerwear is exquisite esp. the long DB coat, and the especially especially especially the last coat pictured here.

  2. i absolutely love your reference to dior's new look. which now seems plain as day after you mention it. now I am even more obsessed with this collection!

    i do remember the galliano look you brought up also. and i am reminded how much i miss that guy in fashion.

  3. there are pieces here i would like to take. just a few. just enough.
    these images would add up to a nice influence over all.