Friday, February 22

Ports 1961 Fall 2013 Collection

Tonight Chicago is reported to accumulate over a foot of snow for the first time this winter.
Since snow has waited so late in the season to show up, I had already moved on with picking out spring and summer pieces to add to my closet.  
So with my mind on Spring, I will most likely have a dilemma when I wake up tomorrow morning.  I'll be reaching for cotton pastels, knowing very well I need to pull out the woolens.  It might cause a brain freeze.  I'll change 20 times, miss the train and then be late for work.
Worrying about this scenario while browsing through the Fall 2013 Milan runway shows couldn't have been better timing.  Coming across the Ports 1961 show helped all my anxiety melt away.
I now have three options to reference in the morning.

1.  Wear a crisp white button down under those grey woolens with a SKIRT.

2.  Wear short sleeves and cover those bare arms with gloves.

3.  Mix up colors.

Getting dressed into my hybrid spring/fall outfit will be a breeze!
I can still day dream of Spring without consequence while facing the great white tundra of Chicago.  

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