Wednesday, July 24

Harper's Bazaar August 2013 VS. Vogue March 1995

The years of either editorial don't mean a thing.
Lady-like is never out of style.
Mix beautifuly tailored clothes with movie-picture glamour and you'll wake up ready to cinch your waist, arch your brows 
and rock a flare like you just don't care.

Issue: Harper's Bazaar August 2013
Story: Ladylike Looks
Photographed by Gregory Harris
Styled by Tony Irvine
Make-Up: Yadim
Hair: Anthony Turner


Issue: Vogue March 1995
Story: Portrait of a Lady (not in it's entirety)
Photographed by Steven Meisel
Styled by Grace Coddington
Make-Up: Laura Mercier
Hair: Garren

P.S.  McMenamy with Meisel and Coddington win this one.  Simply ageless.

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  1. mcmenamy dyed her hair? i liked that dramatic grey. these are great. i love the unexpectedly less obviously pretty hair in the first one.