Tuesday, July 8

Prancing Pants

Here come the shows of the Fall 2014 Haute Couture season.  The reviews, critiques and surveys will follow, and Raf Simons collection for Christian Dior could be the one which produces the ultimate variety of opinions. 
I may not be ready to delve into a conversation with this post questioning Raf's interpretation of Haute Couture.  But I am anxious to announce the one item for fall to seek out is the perfectly tailored, pressed and creased straight-leg pant.  Paired with that long overcoat you invested in last winter for the ultimate illusion of long and lean. 
This could be the first and only time us mortals will be allowed to relate to the aura of Haute Couture. 
Unless Raf has other plans. 
 We will start up that conversation down the road this fall season as we galantly prance the pavement enjoying the aire of Haute Couture. 

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