Thursday, June 5

Feel the Love

Ever since the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring show, I have secretly wanted to make myself a Lego pin. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to Marc Jacobs, so I am not sure why I was so drawn to the playful accessories. Maybe because I could actually have one. I mean I could make one myself! But I didn't. So as soon as I received the Fred Flare newsletter today announcing the Next Big Thing Competition and the arrival of Dee & Ricky's Pixel Heart Pin I bought it. The 21 yr-old twins, Dee & Ricky, made the original Lego accessories for Marc's runway, and created the Pixel Heart pin exclusively for Fred Flare. There's a limited stock of 100 available. So, act quick or you will need to build one yourself.


  1. That lego pin looks cool, fun and very individual! I love it a lot and sure it will make any outfit quirky xxxxxx