Tuesday, June 3

Harper's Bazaar May 1995

Issue: Harper's Bazaar May 1995
Editorial: Pigment of the Imagination
Photographed by: Raymond Meier Makeup by: Laura Mercier

Computer classes were an elective during my high school years, and most of my computer knowledge was acquired thru work. Today I am slowly becoming familiar with Photoshop, and I am a bit frustrated at the moment. Thought this heavily Photoshopped editorial from 1995 would distract me for a bit. I can't say if retro feel is a result from the 'old hat' Photoshop techniques or the content's style. Either way, I love those cat eyes!


  1. I love some of old editorials from Harper's Bazaar! They are very rich... Those eyes are very sensual. They really captured the motion of the eyes! Love this post!

  2. The lips remind me of May Ray or Magritte or someone.

  3. if i started with photoshop, i would really never get off the computer.
    definitely the eyes, and then the warhol page are oozing retro. the lips are perfectly 90s though. :)