Thursday, October 30

Never Mind H&M

Comme des Garcons & Nike. A collab that matters.

photo via tenisufki


  1. ow ow ow ow ow, i'm in pain.
    i WANT!
    they retail for nearly 1k in europe. (that's a whole different kind of "ow"). not going to be sold in the US?

  2. editor, the price did take my breath away. eventually these will make it over to the always says its a euro only realease, but then a few months later someone is carrying em here. opening ceremony, barneys, and possibly the nike sportswear store may stock them. the sneaker heads are not really into this flight club might have a pair in a few months. so save up, and they could be yours one day!!

  3. you know, $400 would be outrageous for these shoes. and i'd feel insane spending $200-$300, but might consider it.
    1 thousand. no.

    the nike store on 57th is pathetic.