Sunday, November 30

A Favorite: Flaunt No. 85

Quite possibly my favorite editorial of recent. Its simple combination of design and fashion comes across as silly and stunning.

I imagine this Malo coat may have influenced Alexander Wang, just a bit.

Elbow length mittens by Marni are the perfect accessory to help stand out from the crowd.

Still-life with flow.

Miu Miu & the most perfect peach leather, ever.

Warrior princess in Givenchy

This is creepy, but, honestly, can you stop looking at it??

Mod & Baroque, shaken not stirred.

Burberry, gorgeous.

Perfect placement

joy at last, Jil Sander

Issue: Flaunt No. 85 (July 2007)
Editorial: Dog Day Afternoon
Photographed by Sam Bassett
Stylist: Long Nguyen & Marcus Steptoe


  1. This is much more interesting than anything I've seen in the past year.

  2. hyper stimulating (in good and bad ways).

  3. Great editorial!
    One of the most memorable recently...