Monday, December 1

A Sprouse Influence

Tank & jeans customized by Stephen Sprouse exclusively for Harper's Bazaar (February 1999)

Missoni Pre-Fall 2009


  1. i have this HB ed torn out some where....
    can't remember: did melanie ward style this? ever notice how she never styles a cover? i can spot mary alice stephonson's predictably tacky, grandiose cover styling from a mile away.
    pretty much every other recent stylist for HB (except sometimes wolf) bores me to tears.

  2. yes, its melanie ward. its a stunning ed. especially with erin oconner. there were only a few covers of hb that actually blew me away. the covers never equaled the content. some of them were downright horrible....remember liz hurley and hugh grant. i think there was a monkey on the cover with them!
    this particular issue was the giesha madonna cover. even tho it was pr for madonna it is a beautiful cover.

  3. the monkey cover represented the primal nature/evolution of fashion(jk!).
    i actually quite enjoyed the antics of that liz, hugh cover. perhaps i'm biased since i do have a mysterious soft-spot for liz; it was a great issue anyhow.
    altho the madonna image was striking,
    i didn't care for the stiffness of the cover.

  4. stiffness, certainly represents madonna past and present. ; )
    the liz/hugh cover is such the opposite! love that issue tho, but i can still do without the cover.

  5. Those jeans by Sprouse were great. I'd love to have something like that.

    As for the Missoni piece, it's a fresh look for the house. I like it.