Sunday, December 21

Elle October 1998: Instill

Editorial: Winter Whites
Photographed by Anette Aurell
Ralph Lauren styled by Isabel Dupre


Hussein Chalayan for TSE


Stormy Vest by rosetung


  1. oh oh oh, the model in the top pictures, what's her name? someone posted a few pictures of her on tFS in a thread, can't remember which now, more recent pictures, and she really struck me. who is she?

  2. editor, there is no mention of the model's name. ellastica might know....check back for her possible comment.

  3. HEY!!! oh wow! i was wondering if you'd post a self portrait. have you ever before? and i was wondering what you'd wear with it.
    awwww!!! it looks great! thank you for the post! so cool!

  4. rosetung, yep, i have before...but i hide myself as much as you might not know i'm in the picture.
    i also have an american apparel bodysuit i'll wear with it.....

  5. that's you?
    i assumed it was a model.
    very stylish eyebrows! :)

  6. that will be hot for sure. i love american apparel bodysuits for layering.

  7. i totally thought the girl in the last photo was a model!
    lovely face, from what i can see;)

  8. yep, that's me in the last photo and the vest is actually mine...all mine.

    rose, the post shows why i had to have the vest. the images above it stick with me thru time and i found the perfect combo of those pieces with your vest. i absolutely love it.

    ella, the model in the 'winter white' you happen to know, who is she?

    editor, thanks!

  9. Isabel styled some beautiful edits
    in the 90s. the font placement and verical positioning in that first set really adds to the care free vibe.
    the woman resembles various other models i've seen but no name come to mind. are you a member of The Fashion Spot? i bet somebody there could help id her?

  10. aha! i do believe the model in question in the 'winter whites' ed is Caroline de Maigret (w/ Audrey Marnay):