Tuesday, December 16

Elle October 1998: Feature Two, Twisted

Editorial: Weather Patterns
Photographed by Giles Bensimon
Stylist: Jon Moore

twisted w/

Vogue Italia November 2008


  1. Did I ever tell you how much I love these "vintage" magazine scan posts? I really do.

  2. Sunniva looks so at peace...
    definitely prefer the isolated, nomadic feel of the ELLE edit over the VOGUE IT w/ Lily.
    the latter is too uo/abercrombie does trailer park.

  3. this is amazing. did you immediately think of the '99 issue when you saw the '08 stuff?
    i wouldn't have doubted for a second if you had said that the '99 images were current - that's almost sad that the modern ones don't resonate more strongly with me.
    all that lovely wind-whipped hair...

    ps your comments on japanese magazines captured my feelings as well (and now how badly do i want a home magazine, argh!). their ability to pick the best is what i found so alarming about the spread of the popularity of cheap fashion there.
    they. must. resist.

  4. up & down, it was a slow magazine day this past monday. i picked up the vogue italia because i had to walk out with something. it was when i got home and flipped thru the pages, i knew it was a good buy. the 08 and 99 pages were a perfect match. i was so excited!
    since 99 i have bought sweaters based on the influence of that elle spread. i could probably name those sweaters blindfolded.... ;)

  5. does it ever disappoint you, the recycling that you have really very explicitly uncovered in this post, and, in general, through this blog?
    do you view it as natural and fair, or predictable and unimaginative?
    what was the last thing you saw in a magazine that struck you as fairly original?

  6. i was disappointed once this year, and that was the KAWS i-D issue. that was more-so because KAWS used the mag to exploit his name not his art. on the flip side, i have to say missbehave has wowed me with every issue. i love their fashion attitude. and i really love huge, the japanese mens mag...beautiful photography.

    enough time has passed from my very first mag in the library to todays issue where i enjoy looking for the influences. new talent has come in from everywhere and added their own view, opinion, and style. its the evolution of fashion and i am is awe i am a part of it. i love it, i live off of it.