Saturday, February 21

Collections: 2009 Fall RTW New York

Back in 1993 the first I learned in my fashion history class was during times of war and recession fashion moves v-e-r-y slow. Well, instead of reading this chapter of my textbook again, I'm actually living through it. I'm not sure I have witnessed such predictable ready-to-wear shows before. I was bored. Well, here a few trends everyone did.....

Head To Heels

Head Over Heels (?)

Emerald, Peacock, Pine...

Forest, Jade, Sea...

Everyone Needs a Gray Coat

And I Mean Everyone....

Sheer Genius (or is it?)

Seriously, Cut-It-Out


  1. i haven't looked at the shows at all (except for your pictures just now ;p).

  2. i think more then ever the fashion industry will need to rely on an individual's personal style. i just don't think its time to praise designers but instead we should celebrate fashion as a form of expression. thats always been the case for some people, but hopefully it will become more widespread.

  3. that would be something. that should be the natural progression. i don't know if that works in a capitalist society because they want so badly to be able to predict what people want, manufacture it on a large scale (cheaply) and sell it all. it costs a lot less to make and sell 50,000 of the same item.
    but i do see major apathy in myself towards shopping and fashion. i have my treasures and i'm sitting tight. i have no appetite for something new and i don't know if that is due to the format it is being sold in, or if it has to do with me. i am very surprised by my lack of interest in current magazines - with one special exception. ;)
    otherwise, i would much rather look at an older fashion magazine (sold at 'around the world' etc.) than a current one. and the runway shows - i'm totally tuned out.
    i feel much more aware of my taste and what i want, as a result. and to buy those things, there is no rush, no pressure.

  4. I've completely lost interest in the show images, because I can't spend a dime on clothes right now.

    If I could, I think I'd go for the head-to-toe look, even though it's safe. I'd do it because it IS safe. I like monochrome.