Monday, February 23

Harper's Bazaar March 1997: Feature Four

Brilliant! Bravo! Have I mentioned I love this issue?

Issue: Harper's Bazaar March 1997
Story: The New Black
Photographed by David Sims
Stylist: Melanie Ward
Hair: Guido Palau
Make-Up: Linda Cantello


  1. rarely do you see such inconsistency with the hemlines. i prefer that they have variety like this.
    (funny coincidence - my word verification is "hemali")

  2. What a great spread that was. I loved everything in it, and I didn't mind that it was all 12 years old!

  3. ok i swear i looked at this issue 1000 times when it came out (when i was 16!!) and loved it. please scan more stuff from this era if you have it!!!