Friday, February 13

Harper's Bazaar March 1997: Feature One

This issue is a favorite. It would most likely end up in my top five list if I had one. As the 2009 March issues hit the newsstands, lets look back to 1997....

Issue: Harper's Bazaar
Story: Zen & the Art of Modern Dressing
Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg
Stylist: Tonne Goodman
Model: Stella Tennant
Hair: James Brown
Make-Up: Diane Kendal


  1. This kind of edit really epitomizes the genius of Harper's Bazaar in those days. Stunning doesn't have to be show offy.

  2. stella is in the air these days.
    she's such a strong image.

  3. looooove this, everything about it. breathtaking.

  4. these images should be hanging on a wall. every line, every gesture, every shadow, every frame comes together so impeccably for maximum impact. back then even the cropping techniques and what they left out was just as meaningful and riveting as the image itself.
    have you seen the latest HB cover?
    it's not looking good..

  5. the 4th picture inspired the colors i am using for the blog right now. i couldn't resist....i just love how the clothes balance perfectly with the backgrounds.

    i agree, the currant hb is if-y. they are going thru such an identity crisis. i wish they would take a deep breath and go thru the liz tilberis archives. how i miss her.

  6. I remember this issue. Great editorial by Stella.

  7. ok now i see you have a bunch posted from this issue....proves its impact that i remember each page of this issue from over 10 years ago! beautiful!!