Sunday, February 15

Harper's Bazaar March 1997: Feature Two, VS.

This VS. is subtle. One editorial stands out, but the stances, the shapes, and the starkness have stayed true through 10 years.

Issue: Harper's Bazaar March 1997
Story: Modern Magic at the Paris Couture
Photographed by David Sims
Stylist: Tonne Goodman
Model: Linda Evangelista
Make-Up: Linda Cantello


Issue: British Vogue September 2007
Story: The New Look
Photographed by Corinne Day
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Model: Sasha Pivovarova
Hair: Yannick D'Is
Make-Up: Kay Montano


  1. linda could be photographed sleeping and i would be captivated.

  2. the evangelista ed was in my que to be scanned. you saved me the effort and added the charming sasha ed which i didn't keep;) esp love the ysl coat dress. but the sims lensed, tonne styled ed takes the cake for retaining the detailed opulence of couture with an accessible, unfussy attitude. linda's chanel encrusted, red light shot still blows me mind!!!
    i can't decide whether UK Vogue, as of now, keeps getting better or keeps looking more desperate to keep up.
    apparently my HB subscription has lapsed and i'm not that torn-up; i'll feel this way til Glenda 'makes her own magic.' tonne, cavaco, santisi, so many of the greats left HB when Glenda came on...

  3. ella, happy to help you out! i love that photo pf linda also....her natural smile and the chanel dress are two peas in a pod.

    i still have faith in uk vogue!

  4. i dont like the hair in the more recent shoot, i can see the product in it but at the same time its trying to look "wavy and natural". also i feel that the retouchers go too far nowadays. her face looks too fake.