Tuesday, February 24

My Short Term Memory Failed Me

Back in December I naively believed I was looking at new ideas in the Elle January 09 issue. D'oh. The Elle editorial, Mirror Image, styled by Christopher Niquet and photographed by Chad Pitman is just that....a mirror image of a Nylon spread from not-so-long-ago. I found the The Shape of Things, styled by Ken Baldwin and photographed by Sebastian Kim in the April 2008 issue. I can't even bring myself to share the full eds. I was fooled by tutus, blunt hair-cuts and funky sunglasses.

Elle January 2009 Photos

Nylon April 2008 Photos


  1. good grief, is the haircut that prevalent? by being underexposed to media, i inadvertently find myself a wee bit trendy. i won't even mention my penchant for tutus... yikes.

    i think the nylon shoot wins.

    i have to say, i love love that you do this. it celebrates the wonderful, questions and challenges the professionals, remembers the good work, whenever it was, and totally inspires me. your blog is the only way i take my editorials.
    thank you.

  2. ooh i actually loved that nylon editorial. the photo with the crazy sunglasses got me for sure.

  3. the nylon shoot wins with me as well. the elle spread is just too distastefully similar.

    I wanted to believe so badly the elle shoot was something new, something groundbreaking. but with each issue, american mags are slowly losing my interest. (where is the new Preen?!?) they are too concerned with being on tv, or their advertisers, or, what, what is it?? President Obama said it last night....innovation will succeed. who is out there listening.....

    editor, you just made my day. thank you.

  4. the ken baldwin styled shoot is far more intelligently done... The Elle shoot looks like a cheap knockoff.