Sunday, February 15

Sunday Morning After Valentine's Day

I found this extra picture of Stella wearing Calvin Klein from the Zen & Art of Modern Dressing editorial hiding on the contents page. My heart skipped a beat. Really.
I love magazines.
I love this HB issue.
I miss Liz Tilberis.


  1. finding 'undiscovered' photos exclusive to the contents page is like finding hidden treasure.credits can also be great for smaller versions,
    ideal for collaging.
    liz wrote the best editor's letter. she had such a great way of relating to the 'average women,' by addressing them as more than merely 'average.' she changed my life.
    what a shame kate betts didn't last at HB.
    I think her fashion-forward HB honored liz's grounded yet ground-breaking fashion spirit.

  2. boy you said it. i have to give liz full credit for my love of magazines. i measure all magazines, past and present, to her editorial style. sorta like.....what would liz do?