Monday, March 30

Elle March 1994: Feature Two

Issue: Elle March 1994
Story: Italy Takes Off
Photographed by Walter Chin
Stylist: Nicole Crassat
Make-Up: Bobbi Brown (the taupe lips give it away)
Hair: Sege Normant


  1. Those pleated pants and Converse... Be still my beating heart!

  2. ^^^^i know! who did those brown pants? it only says bergdorf goodman. what does that mean?

    and if only it were possible to walk in a long skirt like that horizontal armani one. if only...

  3. yo, Joe this is how it's done.
    studio shots do NOT have to=BORING! i love how playful and inventive this ed is. so much for bringing ELLE back to it's roots...

    LOVE the shot of Jamie in patchwork Byblos.

    one of my favorite ELLE covers;)

  4. thank you. :)
    they are fabulous.
    and no i am having a lot of thoughts about long skirts. it's giving me i-dee-aaaaas.