Thursday, April 2

Elle March 1994: The Triple Threat VS.

Ralph Lauren Three Ways....

Issue: Elle March 1994
Story: Raplh Lauren Plain Talk
Photographed by Gilles Bensimon
Ralph by Ralph Lauren styled by Fanny Pagniez
Make-Up: Vincent Longo
Hair: John Caruso

Issue: Elle October 1996
Story: Sporting the Basics
Photographed by Gilles Bensimon
Polo Jeans Co. styled by Jon Moore
Make-Up: Vincent Longo
Hair: Michel Aleman

Issue: Fudge Japan November 2008
Story: Glamourous Hunting Girl
Photographed by: Tokumasu Junichiro
Ralph Lauren Collection styled by Junnishi Miho
Make-Up & Hair: Okada Tomoko


  1. it's a toss up for me between the second and third. it's like watching an evolution - past, present and future. i guess if i view it that way, i'm very glad that the past (first spread) holds no appeal for me.

  2. when i think of Ralph Lauren i think of the first ed: laid-back, rugged, comfort clothes. stuff in my closet.
    i'd totally rock the shades and black spaghetti strap dress, on Leilani.
    what's with the macho artist dude?

  3. ella, i think of the first layout when i think rl also. but what i love the most about rl is the different interpretations people can take from all the various lines rl produces. thats the definition of fashion, right? i love the shapes captured in the third story. i didn't see that on the runway, but the fudge photographer did. fabulous!