Sunday, April 5

Elle March 1994: Ad One


  1. jesus christ, that logo looks a little too comic-sans-ish... MADNESS!

  2. aahhhhh, denim.
    there is something about denim.
    funny, i do not associate rl with denim very much.

  3. i could see myself spending hours in the above RL shop!
    i loved checking out the RL Rugby store in University Place (Seattle) purely for inspiration, given that the service was non existent and prices were insane. despite being repulsed by the the whole chichi, cold-shouldered attitude of the staff, the outdoorsy, old world decor and clothing presentation sucked me in everytime!

    all that denim + flannel reminds me of those picturesque backwoods ads abercrombie did, before resorting to their teenie bopper soft porn image.

  4. awww the second pic looks so cozy.