Friday, May 29

Flaunt #88 VS. Harper's Bazaar June 2003

Issue: Flaunt #88
Story: 90-Something
Photographed by Barry Hollywood
Beauty Editor: Donald Simrock
Make-Up: Wendy Karcher


Issue: Harper's Bazaar June 2003
Story: Cool New Colors
Photographed by Solve Sundsbo
Beauty Editor: Jilian Davison
Make-Up: Val Garland


  1. Woah, they are all so beautiful.

    I love the first and two last ones out of the whole lot.

  2. ah, i was just wondering the other day whether you had a favorite makeup artist.
    do you?

  3. i never really paid much attention to make-up artists work in mag eds....until pat mcgrath came along. i find her very unique, and appreciate her choice of make-up as her medium. she expresses her own vision and can capture a designers spirit on the runway without missing a beat. she creates something unique every time.