Tuesday, May 26

Rainy Evening Reminisce: June Magazines

I'm flipping thru magazines deciding on the next library checkout issue, and forgot how boring I find June issues. There is not much to June besides the exotic local and sandy beach editorials. Of course, they are beautiful, but usually look the same. Which is exactly why the below images stood out....

Harper's Bazaar 1998

Harper's Bazaar 1995

Vogue 1995

Vogue 1996

Elle 2000

Harper's Bazaar 2001

Vogue 2001

Vogue 2000

1 comment:

  1. those are good Junes. in general, i can't stand magazines in the bikini months. so dull. coral pedicures, swimsuits, blah blah blah.
    i peeked at the june fudge - gotta say, that looked goooo-oooood!