Sunday, June 14

Sunday Reminisce: Chloe SS 2004

Phoebe Philo's return to fashion via Celine prompted me to take a look back to 2004 and Phoebe's iconic collection with Chloe.

February British Vogue

January Elle

March Elle UK

May Bristish Vogue

January Haper's Bazaar

May Harper's Bazaar

July Vogue


  1. so psyched to see her back in action!

    this was one of my fav Chloe collections too. none of the pieces, i would have worn but loved the concepts: the sweet color palette, breezy vibe and Phoebe's gutsy declaration of the high waisted jeans return.( that banana pattern
    sort of grew on me).

    this was my favorite part of the whole show:

    Phoebe's personal style and natural beauty always knock me off my feet. I was more a Philo girl than Chloe girl.

  2. ella, i agree! i have always admired her vision. she makes it look easy!
    i do believe phoebe set the tone of modern-day fashion with this collection. girls haven't stopped emulating this look since it went down the runway.
    it will be so exciting watching what she does with celine.