Sunday, June 14

Wish It Was a Little Bit Longer

Yep, its classic.....

Issue: Harper's Bazaar December 2001
Story: Classics
Trish Goff photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg
Stylist: Brana Wolf
Make-Up: Aaron de May
Hair: James Brown


  1. trish, how i love thee. hands down my favorite model style-wise, though guinevere follows a close second for her beauty and editorial work.

    pretty darn near perfect ed. the one thing that killed it for me (as usual) was that god awful font, esp in all CAPS. ( the current cover/contents of HB is prime example).

    really great editorial team, veterans matched with emerging talent. that was part of HB's magic. i mean here's Aaron de May in 2001, and how long did it take good 'ol US Vogue to even mention this guy?

    i want james brown to do my hair!

  2. Major watch and haircut envy!

    I did a double take seeing Aaron de May's name. HB did such a good job in those days of spotting emerging talents.