Friday, April 29

Lowkey Freshness 1.0

We all love J. Crew.  
And, man, is Jenna Lyons, killing the style game.
So why do I keep hearing the same thing over and over?  J. Crew profits are slacking.
This is just my opinion, but I am going to look at the 250 J. Crew stores for an answer.
Browsing the website yesterday, I fell in love with the J. Crew Collection Lookbook.  It is fantastic.  
Take a look below.....

These looks perfectly define J. Crew.
But where is this look in the stores? On the employees??
The only store I have ever been visually stunned by is in Miami Beach on Lincoln Rd.  It is such a beautiful store, I didn't know I was in a J. Crew.  But the experience was dampened by employees who acted like typical retail clones and looked like every other Banana Republic sales person.  
So is J. Crew having a problem translating its fabulous lookbooks and catalogs to the store level?  Or are there too many stores which appeal to a broad spectrum of average customers?
I am dying to walk into one of the stores in Chicago and see these looks jump out before me.  I'm tired of  cardigans folded in half on wood tables and button-downs lined up on hangers with all the sleeves rolled up.  There is a new way and it has to begin to trickle down to the stores soon.


  1. I've always liked J.Crew's styling, especially love the suit look but it's hard to pull off in real life.

  2. exactly. and thats what i find a mystery. the photos associated with this post are perfect templates for the 'j. crew look.' i just see the stores one step behind this image. it could be a corporate issue. i am certainly not an expert to point fingers. i just find it interesting and i'm keeping my eye on them.....

  3. perhaps things will change at jcrew now that it went private. i'm not a big fan of drexler, but whatever.

    these pictures look great, but the fact that they are offered by a mass retailer that is expanding to europe now does prejudice me against them, for myself.

    the crewcuts store (mini-jcrew) seems like a true representation of the feel of the line.

  4. What fun! Lovely things here. This collection is amazingly beautiful!