Wednesday, April 27

Sportswear Spring: Sports Illustrated

And then there's Terry Richardson's sportswear vision for a British magazine.
Minimal, to say the least. is not to be ignored. Terry is the man to call for photos of streetwear not meant for the street.

Issue: British March 2003
Story: Sports Illustrated
Photographed by Terry Richardson
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Makeup: Rose-Marie Swift
Hair: Dennis Lanni


  1. great editorial....I love that silk yellow that tom ford for gucci? I wish I would have invested in one of those... :)

  2. oh, isn't it beautiful?? it is tom ford/gucci.
    i wish terry would just stick to fashion photography. he knows how to make clothes look so good. why does he always have to go down the perv road?

  3. I so agree about terry richardson....I am a bit surprised to see him all over the pages of harpers bazaar magazine....he should go back to this type of editorial photography :)