Thursday, February 9

The Liz Tilberis Series: Harper's Bazaar July 1999

It is possible to miss someone you never met.
I miss Liz Tilberis every month.
Her years (1992-1999) as Editor-in-Chief at Harper's Bazaar set the standards for print media, the fashion industry and my own personal style.
   Today I notice, more and more, everything in fashion refers back to those years.  Everything.
It is time to look back at Liz's impact on fashion and style.

I will begin with the July 1999 Harper's Bazaar issue dedicated as the Tribute Issue.
Tom Cruise's cover was the last cover approved by Liz before her death just 3 months prior.
All ad revenue went to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.
Models, photographers, stylists, make-ups artists, etc., donated their time for free.
There are no editorials.  
It is the one issue which features the solidarity of the fashion industry for an icon.

Just a footnote.....
Followers of the blog are familiar with my devotion to Liz.  A series on her tenure has been in works for some time.  Last week was ReadySetFashion's 4 year anniversary, and it seemed fitting to celebrate the person who inspired my love for fashion and magazines.


  1. beautiful homage...i miss liz tilberis, too! i still own my first ever harper's bazaar which is the september 1992 issue with linda evangelista. liz is an icon and because of her she has made me evolve into such a lover of fashion magazines...her eye was amazing! btw, congratulations on your 4 year blogiversary and thank you for always inspiring me with your magazine knowledge :)

  2. I miss her, too.


    I totally don't remember this issue (I was kind of broke then, maybe I stopped buying magazines for a while). You're making me think about trying to collect the entire Liz Tilberis Series. I think I can do it.

  3. Miss her too. I've been in mourning of 90s HB forever. I just found this interview of Liz T. on Charlie Rose that you may find interesting

  4. I cried the first time I read it, then took it in and showed it to my parents, and cried again. Thank you thank you thank you for posting.

  5. Beautiful. i love her immensely too.

  6. what do you mean there are no editorials? are those not editorials right underneath the photo of the cover?

    beautiful work though