Sunday, February 5

My Heart Beats to the Cover of a Magazine

An iconic magazine cover is rare.
It could be months before you see one, but you know when you do.  
Your heart skips a beat.  You do a double take.
The magazine title is secondary.  
All you care about are layers of the cover, the graphics, the words, the model.
What does it mean?  What does the cover reflect?  
Is it me? The cover seems to be speaking to me.  Only me...

Ok, that doesn't happen to you?  Don't deny it, or else you wouldn't be reading this blog.
It happened when you saw the recent posts of Love Magazine's Spring 2012 cover.  Cause I sure felt the bang of my heart when I first laid eyes on Linda Evangelista in the center of a hot pink and red bulls eye.  A Linda with no eyebrows.  Linda Evangelista with NO EYEBROWS!   
What planet am I on? 
And wait, does that say 'celebrating the end of elegance'?? 

Love Magazine Spring 2012

I will be obsessed until I get my hands on the actual issue.  I will not be satisfied until I can flip through 
the pages past the cover, and find what lays beyond the initial image.
This isn't the first magazine cover to stir my emotions.    I have hundreds of magazines, and i just looked through them all to find the few issues who's cover I still obsess over.

Harper's Bazaar September 1992
It was 1992 and Harper's Bazaar declared the start of the 'era of elegance' with Ms. Evangelista.
Ironic?  I say iconic.

Harper's Bazaar January 1995
Harper's Bazaar, again.  Linda, again.
Every time I see a person in yellow, I think of this cover.  I think of Linda.
The tell-tale sign of an unforgettable cover. 

The December 2008 Dazed & Confused is tripped out.  
I keep this issue where the cover is in full view at all times.
It makes me smile.

British Vogue December 2000 and 2001
It is the covers of British Vogue that made Kate, great.

Vogue Paris October 2010 and Harper's Bazaar November 2006
Sex, obvious, or on a subconscious level.
When done right, it should sell magazines.

Vogue November 2011
Vogue follows a formula, and they are very good at it.  This cover is no exception.
I was just excited they took a risk with a unproven leading lady and micro bangs.

The Gentlewoman  Issue #1
An iconic cover from every one's favorite new guard, The Gentlewomen.
A photo of an icon, clean graphics, and the cleanest of fonts.
It is all a cover needs.

Preen Issue #4 and #3
Take as much type out as you can and you have my favorite covers from Preen
A magazine no longer in print and sorely missed.

Dossier Issue #1 and New York Magazine LOOK Fall 2008
A little bit Siouxsie and a little True Blood.  A look I could not pull off personally, but admire intensely. 

Harper's Bazaar December 2010
I didn't realize this was Katy Perry at first glance.  
I still don't care it is Katy Perry.
What I regret is not buying multiples of this issue to frame the covers.

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