Wednesday, March 7

The Liz Tilberis Series: Charlie Rose

Meet Liz in this interview with Charlie Rose.
You will wish the interview to keep going.  You will want to have lunch with her.
You will understand why I miss her.

Watch the video here.

(Thank you Jeanne-Aurore.)


  1. I totally don't have an hour right now, and I feel like this is the sort of thing I'll want to watch twice (at least). So expect more comments from me hereafter, because I'm already really excited about it. Just wanted to say.

  2. i watched it twice too, or maybe more.

    i wonder what if 'the september issue' was based around her at harper's bazaar, and how much better it would have been.....

  3. Glad I was of help. I shrieked out loud when I found this and had to pace myself not to watch in nonstop. Keep the Bazaar series going, pretty please! Best, Jeanne-Aurore