Sunday, March 18


It's March, and it is 80 degrees in Chicago.  Key word being March.  
Mother Nature can turn on us at any moment.  Tomorrow when it is only 30 outside, people will realize their short shorts and tube top looked a bit out of place.  
The best solution? Dress over pants, of course! 
Pair a slim dress over wide-leg pants or a full dress over a straight leg cargo pant (as above).
The look is a little bit summer, and a whole lot of practical for the month of March.

dress: Brooks Brothers, pant: Lands End Canvas, shoe: Adidas, jacket: Levi's 


  1. It's so nice to meet you!

    You look kinda familiar...


  2. i love that quote in the back,.
    now following you. hope you can too.

  3. i'm wearing my own version right now!