Sunday, October 28

Missing Someone

Reggie Destin.  His smile lit up Chicago.

Reggie was one of the original Chicago skateboard renegades, and one of my oldest friends.  
He was hit by a drunk driver last Friday while skating home.  We know he fought his hardest to stay with us,  we fought for him too.
We had to let go of him yesterday morning, if we were ready for it or not.
Now we start the recovery phase and mourn our friend, and reminisce and laugh.  Cause more then anything, he would want us to laugh and continue to make the most out of life.

If anyone would like to help out his mom and brothers cover hospital costs, here is a link.
And please, we keep saying it and it keeps happening, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Update: Chicago Tribune posted this article to announce Reggie's passing.


  1. so sorry to hear of this tragedy. hope your memories live forever and that time will ease your loss. <3

  2. I am so sorry, I just read his story in the trib. Peace to you and all his friends and family, such a freaking tragedy.