Thursday, November 8

Man With The Heavy Metal Hair

Forget RZA's fists.
This movie was all about costumes.
Specifically the wigs, hair and make-up.
Undeniably inspired by the metal scene of the 80s, the make-up department of The Man with the Iron Fists brought 80s glam rock back from the dead.
I never thought I would be so happy to see teased and highlighted locks on men again.
From the first scene the Lion Clan appeared, I knew this hair & make-up team was special.  They must have lived and breathed the look back then just as hard as they did for this movie.
Feathered mullets.  It just might be time for a comeback.

 (don't be mad you didn't save your 80s Metal Edge Magazines)

And the 90s influenced Lucy Liu's character, Madame Blossom.
Bjork.  Homogenic.
Miss Liu was so lucky to look so cool.

A huge thank you to Aileen Seaton, the Hair & Make-Up designer for making this movie better.
And I mean a WHOLE lot better.

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